A little info on Ti:

Ti is a native Houstonian who loves nothing more than her family. Her mother and father have always been supportive of her endeavors, and her two sisters were always and remain now her best friends. She is a pet mom to two pit bull rescue dogs, Rocko and Indy. Whatever void may be left by not having human children is filled by her three nieces and one nephew.
Ti worked in the construction management industry for 20 years, then in 2021 FINALLY decided to follow her passion and become a full-time creative. She now runs a very successful YouTube channel which is growing by hundreds of subscribers daily. She also is the owner of a hair growth product line called GROW IT!, and she teaches sexy chair dance classes to bored women looking for creative outlets of their own. When she is not busy with all of that, she is making money on the Foreign Exchange market as a trader, building generational wealth. Hey, you gotta leave something behind for that nephew, those nieces, and the dogs!

About the channel.

The Ti Said What Ti Said YouTube channel is about two things:

  1. Old School Entertainment Industry Scandal Videos
  2. Trending Topics Live Streams
Every week, Ti Said What Ti Said releases a new old school scandal or vintage gossip video about a celebrity from yesteryear. Among the most popular subjects so far are: Sam Cooke, Bobby Womack, Teddy Pendergrass, Tina Turner, Randy Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Al Green, and Marvin Gaye. And those people have some really big scandals behind their names. And this list doesn't even cover half of the celebrities who have stories that are already on the channel. Watching these videos, you will learn all kinds of things that you didn't know about your favorite, clean-cut stars from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's - secret love affairs, which sometimes lead to secret children being born, domestic violence, murders, incest, rape...you name it. These celebrities have done it all, and in a lot of cases, gotten away with it for years - sometimes even taking secrets to their graves.

That brings us to the other thing that we do on the Ti Said What Ti Said channel - live streams about trending topics. Thanks to today's social media age, a lot of today's stars and tv personalities won't be about to get away with things that the stars of the 1900s got away with. So when a celebrity (or reality tv personality) does something that trends, we talk about it on our live streams. Some of the live streams are more about topics than people, but if it trends on Twitter, it's fair game.

A fun part of our live streaming experience has been having 80's R&B star Oran Juice Jones with us on Thursday nights for a show called Love Jones with Oran Juice Jones. When he comes, that is our time to go slightly out of the box with the audience for a fully interactive experience. On Love Jones, we take the relationship dilemma letters that the audience members send to Ti and read those letters on the air. Oran Juice Jones then gives his opinion to our writer on how he/she should handle the situation in the letter. So far, most of the letters have been about romantic relationships. But we will take letters regarding any kind of relationship - family, work, school...anything. And those of you who are willing to come on the camera to talk to us have first priority in getting your letter read on air and answered.

Finally, as far as live streaming is concerned, Ti's favorite live stream is called Sunday Funday.

It is her first regular feature on her channel and it is fun for the entire audience. Sunday Funday starts off with talk about a couple of trending topics, then it moves to two short features - the WTF Tweet of the Week and the Florida Man story. After that, it's time to get to the games and prizes! The audience plays Ti's IDGAF game for cash that someone wins live on the air.

IDGAF is a YouTube scavenger hunt, and rather than read an explanation of the rules here, just go to the channel and play the game. After IDGAF, Ti does at least two gift card drawings. One for her paying channel members and another one open to anyone who is watching. It is a fun night and a great way to start the work week.